Connecting end customers and original apparel manufacturers

with our data driven body measuring technology powered by advanced computer vision and machine learning.


Human Body Measuring

Thymbell scans and collects multiple body measurements for easy size recommendations or custom apparel production.

Portable Customer Profile

Thymbell generates portable and encrypted universal body data profiles that can be easily stored and exported or applied during online shopping.

Custom Clothing Platform

Thymbell aims to create a leading made-to-measure and custom clothing platform to empower original manufacturers by connecting them directly to global customers.

Technology Features

  • Easy & Quick Scan

    First body measuring solution in today’s market that does not require any manual input. Using camera of your mobile phone or computer, it precisely scans your body in less than a minute.

  • Wider Compatibility

    Engineered to work seamlessly across a wide selection of mobile and desktop devices. Does not require top model smartphones and can be used as downloadable or browser-based application.

  • Easy Integration

    Availability of API and SDK documentation for an easy integration into any website.

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